Favourite Podcasts of 2016

Hello! Hope your 2016 was not so bad. I am happy to say that I’m signing off from my first full year of freelancing! There have been huge ups and downs, but I’m always reminding myself that I’m a lucky lady to be able to pay my rent with drawing. Big thank you to anyone who bought a zine, patch, print, or said something nice this year. it means a lot!

While I’m holed up in my studio working away, I spend most of the day listening to podcasts. I can’t get enough of them! I thought I’d share my list of my top ten faves of the year. I’m mostly a storytelling and documentary podcast kind of listener, but you might find a fave in here too!

In no particular order...

Not By Accident
Sophie’s podcast documentary about choosing to become a single mother to her daughter Astrid. So calming to listen to, and a beautiful story.
Start at episode 1, try listen to by yourself

Reply All
Wild stories, mysteries solved, puzzles unlocked, all connected to the internet.
I recommend Zardulu, Voyage into Pizzagate, and Stolen Valor

Better Off Dead
Andrew Denton explores the complex laws and feelings around assisted dying in this 16 episode series. Very hard to listen to at times, but a conversation more people need to take part in.
Start at episode 1, take it slow

Download This Show
Technology news! Hosted by Marc Fennell, and all panel shows have at least one lady!
Listen to whatever episode came out latest! Or listen to this episode about following digital footprints to prevent suicide.

The Real Thing
Tracking down everyday Australians and telling their stories. Really fun and polished production.
Listen to Freedom is a Goat, about a man named Jimbo and his best friend Gary the Goat.

Planet Money
Pop–economics, this has been a favourite the whole time I’ve been a podcast consumer.
Listen to #730 Self Checkout, about the inventor and current loather of self checkouts.

Flash Forward
Imagined future scenarios, and the real–life science behind them! I wish this one came out more often than once enough, I absolutely love it.
Listen to Expiration Date or Don’t Lie To Me

Can U Not?
Super new podcast about unashamedly loving pop–culture
Listen to whatever episode is latest, currently Episode 003, about Rob and Chyna, Rogue One and more.

This one is very new for me but I know I’m going to marathon it in no time! Scientists talking to each other about the wonders of space. I feel like a lot of space podcasts have a sort of strange smugness to them, but in Spacepod you can tell how excited they are to share their passion with you.
Listen to this episode about the Voyager mission straight from the program manager, Suzy Dodd.

Being Honest With My Ex
This podcast started just over a year ago. Conversations with friends who used to be engaged, then broke up and didn’t talk for a year, now share details of each others lives, give each other advice and reject each other’s advice each week in their podcast.
I think episode 35 'Proposing To My Ex' is a rather good indication of their current relationship!

Hope you enjoy! Let me know what you’re enjoying listening to. Happy new year!