Mystery Pack

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mystery studio pack.jpg

Mystery Pack

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Mystery studio items pack! My studio is constantly busy between big projects and little projects, and make a lot of work that never makes it out into the world. Take a look into the tiny world inside my studio though the portal that is the mystery pack. 

Each pack will have at least one zine, and either a print or an original drawing. The size of these will depend on the size of the pack.

Other items in the pack may include: 

Finished original illustrations
To-do lists
Scribbled calculations
Risograph test prints
Greeting cards

Remember that there are no promises about what you'll get, so only order if you don't mind a bit of mystery in your life! I do my very best to make each pack fun and interesting. If you already have a zine or print of mine, please let me know which so I don't send you doubles!

Please take time to read the terms of service before ordering.

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